Our Items

We produce vegetable tanned shoulders and rumps, suitable for belt linings, and Vacchetta leather, suitable for belts.

We customize our goods according to the customer's needs: thickness, opacity, plot - which can be Pieno Fiore or Nubuck - colours - from classic ones to more innovative, if requested - and softness.


The Vegetable Tanning

We use the method of vegetable tanning to get an excellent result and to preserve the environment. We make leather long-lasting and suitable for many purposes through the use of natural tannins that clean the leather from its impurities; thanks to different timings into drums it is possible to have a more or less thick and malleable material, depending on the utilizations that will be done.

Using pre-existing natural materials, the water purification treatment is easier and less dangerous for man' and environment's health.

Vegetable tanning has prehistoric origins and thanks to the newest technologies it is possible to have an excellent, all-purpose, tough and nicer in time leather.